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Right here, and nowhere else, except except in two or three other new countries, poor people get in on the luxuries.

Do you know of know of any one past the age of eight who never rode in a motor car?

Countless Countless millions in Europe regard regard the automobile as a rich man's luxury. It is a symbol of splendour splendour which chases chases them off the roadways. They never dream of dream of becoming acquainted acquainted with anything so huge and important.

The farmer in France or Italy or Germany has no telephone in his house. A good assortment of live stock but no 'phone.

He has cows but he does without does without butter.

He grows grain to make white bread for the aristocrats of the city.

Meat on the table means means a family feast.

The movie to him is a holiday treat and ice cream is a semi annual jamboree. jamboree.

The daughter has never rocked around on high heels or hit herself in the nose with a powder rag.

The son has never worn a snappy suit with the belt surrounding the lungs instead of the digestive organs.

Most of the human beings outside of this hemisphere line up line up as paupers. paupers. Invoice their holdings and you will find that the assets, per person, run up run up to about $8.75.

The ordinary man we pass in the street carries probably probably $75 worth of merchandise. The guess is low rather rather than high, because we have to take into account take into account a suit of clothes, a hat, a pair of shoes, various various undergarments, buttons made of a precious metal, and possibly some expensive expensive fillings in the teeth.

If he had been born in Egypt or Ceylon or Burma or China or Japan or Africa he would be wearing a costume worth $1.80 and be thankful thankful that he had advanced advanced from the breech clout.

About sixty five per cent of all the people in the world think they are getting along getting along great when they are not starving starving to death.

In these days of hard upness, when so many of us are curled up in mental anguish anguish because we cannot slather money as we did in did in 1919, it may help if we reflect that, at least, each of us has a mattress at night, meals as usual, usual, books to read, and some sort sort of entertainment in the next block.

That's more than most of our far away neighbours have.

We suffer more than they do because we have come to regard regard luxuries as necessities. necessities.

Many a man thinks the government at Washington is a failure if he has to stop smoking 35 cent cigars and compromise on cheap stogies costing only 20 cents each.

Take silk stockings away from a woman who has got used to the feel of them and she is liable liable to go into go into her room and die of a broken heart broken heart

It is easy to believe that the things we have succeeded in getting are necessities. necessities.

The Russian housewife gets up in the morning and prays for a loaf of black bread.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Jump Up Jump Up of the U.S.A. arise at 8 A.M. and gloomily gloomily face the prospect prospect of getting along getting along with five servants instead of seven.

The lean lean years may have their uses.

While we are down in the valley we may have time to figure it out that the five pound pound box of candy at $2 the pound pound may be taken out taken out of the daily existence existence without leaving a scar. scar.

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