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About this time I met with met with an odd odd volume of the Spectator. I had never before seen any of them. I bought it, read it over and over, and was much delighted with it. I thought the writing excellent, and wished, if possible, to imitate it. With that view, I took some of the papers, and making short hints of the sentiment in each sentence, sentence, laid them by for a few days, and then, without looking at the book, tried to complete the papers again, by expressing each hinted sentiment at length and as fully as it had been expressed before, in any suitable words that should come to hand. I then compared my Spectator with the original, discovered some of my faults and corrected them. But I found I wanted a stock of words, or a readiness in recollecting recollecting and using them, which I thought I should have acquired acquired before that time if I had gone on making verses; verses; since the continual occasion for words of the same import, but of different length, to suit the measure, or of different sound for the rhyme, would have laid me under a constant necessity necessity of searching for variety, and also have tended to fix that variety in my mind, and make me master of it. Therefore I took some of the tales and turned them into turned them into verse; verse; and, after a time, when I had pretty well forgotten the prose, turned them back turned them back again. I also sometimes jumbled my collections of hints into confusion, and after some weeks endeavored endeavored to reduce reduce them into the best order, before I began to form the full sentences sentences and compleat the paper. This was to teach me method in the arrangement arrangement of thoughts. By comparing my work afterwards with the original, I discovered many faults and amended amended them; but I sometimes had the pleasure pleasure of fancying fancying that, in certain certain particulars of small import, I had been lucky enough to improve the method or the language, and this encouraged me to think I might possibly in time come to be a tolerable tolerable English writer, of which I was extremely extremely ambitious. ambitious.

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