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When the days are long, get ready to file off the ball and chain.

Wait until the asters are blooming blooming and then, no matter where you are, go somewhere else. Only an oyster remains remains forever forever at the old homestead.

If the all wise Arranger Arranger had meant meant for you to look out look out of the same window all the time, he wouldn't have given you legs.

The planet you are now visiting may be the only one you ever see. Even if you get a transfer, the next one may not have any Grand Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls.

Move around before the ivy begins to climb up your legs.

It is true that a rolling rolling stone gathers gathers no moss, but it gets rid of the rough corners and takes on takes on a lovely polish. Besides, Besides, who wants to be covered with moss?

Go on a journey every year so that you may jolt jolt out of your brittle brittle head piece the notion notion that our home township is the steering steering gear of the universe.

Some hermits hermits are learned, learned, but only the travelers are wise.

If you have earned earned a vacation, vacation, take it. The time has come to exchange your cold currency for some new sensations. You are due to accept a reward for all the years of sacrifice sacrifice and denial. denial. But you worry. worry. If you splurge around and have a good time, maybe the children will not have all the funds they need, fifteen years hence, to keep them in keep them in red touring cars and squirrel coats.

You are afraid afraid to make a will reading as follows:

Dear Offsprings: Offsprings:

Go out Go out and get it the same as I did.

Think of Think of the thousands of worthy old people now penned up at home who ought to be scooting about in henrys and lake steamers and Pullman cars, rounding out the long day of toil toil with a late afternoon of gleeful enjoyment! It wouldn't cost them a cent. The heirs heirs would pay all the bills.

We need in this country many Night Schools for Old People. It is time to declare for the rights and privileges privileges of the passing generation. The world and the fullness thereof do not belong entirely to belong entirely to the flapper with the concealed concealed ears and the dancing tadpole tadpole whose belt line is just below the shoulder blades.

Take your vacations vacations while you can get them. Eventually Eventually you may not be able able to name the spots you are going to visit next.

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