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 Romero 3: 

Total 211
Level0 11
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Level2 2
Level3 0
Phrasal Verbs 1
Idioms 0

We are here today to retake possession possession of this church building and to strengthen all those whom the enemies of the church have trampled trampled down.

You should know that you have not suffered alone for you are the Church.

You are the people of God.

You are Jesus in the here and now. He is crucified in you just as surely as He was crucified 2000 years ago on that hill outside of Jerusalem.

And you should know that your pain and your suffering, like his, will contribute to El Salvador's liberation liberation and redemption. redemption.

Romero 2:

If this were an ordinary funeral, funeral, I'd speak of my friendship with Father Grande. At crucial moments in my life he was always there, close to me, and those times will never be forgotten.

But this is a moment to gather gather from these deaths a message for all of us who remain remain on pilgrimage. pilgrimage. The liberation liberation that Father Grande preached preached was a liberation liberation rooted in faith. And because it is so often often misunderstood, for it Father Rutilio Grande died.

Who knows? Perhaps Perhaps the murderers are listening to these words.

So we want to tell you, murderous brethren, that we love you, and that we ask for ask for repentance repentance in your hearts.

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