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 Veronica Guerin (film) 

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C.P.J. President: The Committee to Protect Protect Journalists is proud to present this year's Press Freedom Award to a reporter who has consistently consistently resisted brutal, brutal, criminal attempts to silence her and subvert subvert the news. Despite Despite the intimidation, she continues to defend defend the public's right to read the truth. Ladies and gentlemen, please please salute salute a brave woman: Veronica Guerin.

Guerin: Thanks, John. Sadly, it's not unusual to hear that a reporter has been shot or intimidated. intimidated. A number of reporters at home not just myself have been subjected subjected to death threats threats and intimidation on a daily basis. This year alone the number of journalists killed worldwide has reached fifty one. The only thing that distinguishes distinguishes me is that I survived survived to tell the story. I hope that's not the only reason, I'm receiving this award tonight, but either way I'm very grateful grateful to the C.P.J. for awarding an Irish, European journalist.

I really am both humbled humbled and honored to receive this award, particularly particularly because of the company that I'm keeping the other recipients recipients who I certainly certainly feel are more deserving deserving than myself. In doing so, I want to thank two people who have encouraged and supported me, despite despite an incredibly incredibly difficult last twelve months and they are my husband, Graham, and my son, Cathal. Because I can assure assure you if they hadn't supported me, I wouldn't be doing it.

Thanks very much.

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