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 8 women die in mass sterilization in India 

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Kristie Lu Stout: Stout: A mass sterilization drive has gone terribly wrong. It happened in Bilaspur district, southeast of the country's capital. At least eight women are dead after undergoing undergoing the state run surgery over run surgery over the weekend and 48 others are in the hospital.

The operations are part of a government effort effort to curb curb population growth. They have come under come under fire by human rights groups. Now an autopsy autopsy report is expected by Wednesday morning.

And for more, Sumnima Udas joins me now live from New Delhi. And Sumnima, we have eight women dead, dozens hospitalized, what happened to happened to these women?

SUMNIMA UDAS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Kristie, this is part of the Indian government's family planning initiative, initiative, that's what they're calling it here and that's been going on for decades. It's a way for the Indian government to reign reign the population here, which is expected to top China's by 2028, becoming the world's most populous nation. So, what happens is in these States, in these local districts, health officials go from village to village setting up these mobile camps, performing these sterilization surgeries for free and even giving a reward to a lot of these women, the equivalent of about 20 U.S. dollars, that's what was provided provided to these women in this case as well.

Now, we don't have the details of exactly what went wrong, that's all being investigated right now. The autopsy autopsy postmortem reports expected by tomorrow, but we understand according according to local media reports, only one doctor and his assistant performed these surgeries to all 80 women in just about six hours.

KRISTIE LU STOUT: STOUT: We're waiting for the autopsy autopsy report, but what can you tell us about the level of care and the conditions at these government run mobile clinics that carry out carry out this sterilization surgery?

SUMNIMA UDAS: The conditions really depend, you know, State to State, district to district. Some of them are fine in cities like Delhi and Mumbai or States closer to this part of India, but Chhattisgarh, this is where this event happened. In States like Chhattisgarh, which is one of the poorest States in India, you can certainly certainly expect the conditions to have been very, very basic, perhaps perhaps even grim. grim.

Again, officials are looking into looking into what exactly happened in this case. But we've seen many pictures in the past of women just being brought to these sort sort of health camps, they have been asked to, you know, lie down lie down wherever they can. If there are beds, fine, if there are no beds then just on the ground in the gardens and these surgeries are just performed one after the other. And the women are just left there to left there to fend for themselves. No sort sort of medication thereafter, no information provided provided as to what they have to do afterwards to take care of themselves at home.

So this is what we've seen in the past, but this is the first time, at least in the past few years, that we've seen these kinds of deaths as a result of these surgeries.

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