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 His art inspires death threats 

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CNN ANCHOR: ANCHOR: It takes more than skill to be a public artist in Mexico's Southern State of Guerrero. It takes guts and no fear of death.

Victor Hugo Apresa has been painting murals about government corruption and repression repression in Tixtla for about 15 years. Every stroke takes courage.

VICTOR HUGO APRESA: I've received threats threats from unknown telephone numbers, saying something could happen to happen to me at any moment.

CNN ANCHOR: ANCHOR: His latest mural tells the story of the 43 missing students of Ayotzinapa. Authorities say the students were ambushed ambushed in late September by Police and turned over turned over to a criminal gang with ties to a City Mayor.

VICTOR HUGO APRESA: Every element you see here represents represents the power of the students. That is not going to die even if more students die.

CNN ANCHOR: ANCHOR: It starts with the little history.

VICTOR HUGO APRESA: The massacres massacres have occurred occurred at different points in time.

CNN ANCHOR: ANCHOR: Depicted Depicted the souls of students who have died in Guerrero in the past, killings and kidnappings are nothing new here.

Guerrero _____, an open book with the names of the latest three victims, victims, the three students who were shot and killed by police when the 43 others went missing, plenty plenty of room for more names.

VICTOR HUGO APRESA: Since this conflict conflict isn't over yet and the repression repression continues. We don't know, really, how this will end and if the massacre massacre against the students will continue.

CNN ANCHOR: ANCHOR: He knows his loud canvases send stark stark messages to powerful characters. That's why he rounded out the piece with a jagged jagged wall. In Southern Mexico, he says it's a symbol of the power of the people.

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