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 Hong Kong protesters attempt to escalate 

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IVAN WATSON: Calm returned to returned to the protest protest encampment in downtown Hong Kong on Monday after a night of tense clashes. We witnessed witnessed the predawn confrontations. It took place when demonstrators from here sought sought to move out move out of here, to capture more territory territory as part of an effort effort to blockade blockade the Hong Kong Central Central Government Headquarters. This student leader (protest (protest leader) said was an effort effort to try to put more pressure on the government to give in give in to the demonstrators' so called democratic demands.

Well, within a matter of hours, the police had come in with batons, with pepper spray, spray, they detained detained dozens of demonstrators and cleared out thousands of protesters protesters and their barricades in a matter of minutes.

But, here at the main protest protest encampment, the situation is still very much the status quo. What we have seen now for more than two months is this tent city has grown up grown up here, as we see this entire entire area where the students are able able to study. They even have exercise bikes here just to give you a sense of how permanent this encampment has become.

At the crux of the dispute, dispute, it's the demonstrators' demands for what they say should be a more democratic election for their top official in 2017 and chafing at restrictions made by the Central Central Government of China over how candidates can be vetted for that top position.

The Hong Kong Government showing no signs of giving into those demands. So, this test of wills continues and this is really a marathon drama continuing to be played out in the streets of this city.

Ivan Watson, CNN, Hong Kong.

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