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 Inside the world of a spy 

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MIGUEL MARQUEZ, CNN ANCHOR: ANCHOR: In films like the Bourne Ultimatum, Ultimatum, the spy, often often the bad guy, pretty easy to spot.

In the FX Show, The Americans, the world of spy craft craft seemingly normal normal people living a double life. The reality, the world's second oldest profession like the case of convicted convicted cold war spies, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, not exactly a Hollywood blockbuster.

ROBERT BAER, CNN NATIONAL SECURITY ANALYST: Usually Usually involves involves a car meeting late at night. The operative picks up the spy, they handover documents, they drive around, exchange money, let let the guy off or they do it in do it in what is called the dead drop.

MIGUEL MARQUEZ: And just who is a spy and what he is spying at times tough to define. Edward Snowden leaked sensitive sensitive government material to the world and then took refuge in took refuge in Russia. To some he is spy, others a hero. Here's what he told to NBC's Brian Williams.

EDWARD SNOWDEN, NSA LEAKER: I have no relationship with the Russian government at all and I've never met the Russian President. I'm not supported by the Russian government, I'm not taking money from the Russian government, I'm not a spy.

MIGUEL MARQUEZ: Snowden has been charged under the Espionage Espionage Act, but a spy less than clear.

ROBERT BAER: If he had taken those seven million documents and given to the Russians or the Chinese; that would have been a clear case of espionage. espionage. He would have been indicted indicted for it by now and there would have been no doubt in anybody's mind of his guilt.

MIGUEL MARQUEZ: Then, there was the case of Anna Chapman, remember her? A Russian redhead bombshell, who has now built a career on her spying credentials. credentials. In 2010, she and nine others were arrested for her spying for the Russian government. She pled guilty guilty to conspiracy, conspiracy, was deported deported back to Russia as part of a prisoner swap.

ROBERT BAER: Anna Chapman was a Russian, she was a Russian illegal. I don't think there was any question that we are going to put her in jail for any length of time. That's espionage, espionage, but it's not the same degree of offence. offence.

MIGUEL MARQUEZ: Where diplomat Robin Raphel is concerned, concerned, who remains remains uncharged; investigators would have to have something specific and provable to make the claim claim that she is a spy. A tough case to make.

ROBERT BAER: If you pass any classified information to a foreign government as opposed to opposed to the press, its espionage espionage and the information has to be clearly classified and usually usually top secret. If it's low level stuff, the FBI won't bother.

MIGUEL MARQUEZ: Spying sometimes is hard to catch or even define. Proving at times can be even harder.

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