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 On the road: South Korea popular culture 

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Paula Newton: It is in the heart of Beijing where we will find out find out just how persuasive persuasive South Korea's soft power has become.

CHINESE Female: I would say that I am an avid avid Korean fanatic.

Paula Newton: This Chinese fan says she is obsessed obsessed with Korean pop culture exports, K pop and K drama. Her fixation fixation right now, like millions of others, is the K soap "My Love from the Star."

CHINESE Female: Every day, I basically basically watch Korean themed shows for at least a little while.

Paula Newton: It's the K wave and it's washed over Asia for the last few years, fans devouring devouring all they can get of Korean entertainment exports. To learn why, we travel to the countryside outside Seoul and into the warehouses where multi million dollar K dramas are made.

Okay, let's go take a look.

The head of drama at Korean broadcaster SBS tells me his new show, My Lovely Girl, about a media mogul has already been sold in China for more than $200,000 an episode. And that's just for the online rights.

So, the Korean leading man, he's kind of a secret weapon for dramas.

Kim Yeongseop, EP, SBS Drama Production: The women in Asia love them, since the Asian women used to be obedient obedient because of tradition, tradition, but the male characters now go beyond go beyond that and sacrifice sacrifice for their women and satisfy their dreams and fantasies.

Paula Newton: Wow, nice place.

K drama icon icon Rain helps explain the appeal. appeal.

Rain, Actor/Singer: I think Korean male character very lovely, sometimes very kind, sometimes very sexy.

Paula Newton: It's the kind of charm charm that drafts legions of fans and has helped create a brand of Korean cool out of so many culture exports.

Korean pop star Psy and his Gangnam Style pop anthem is now one of the most viewed videos of all time.

We met up met up with his producer at a launch party in Seoul. YG admits even he is shocked by the popularity of Korean pop culture throughout Asia and beyond. beyond.

Yang Hyun Suk, Chief Producer, YG Entertainment: No one knows how many years this Korean wave will last and how much more popular popular it can get, but it's getting more and more popular popular at such a fast pace.

Paula Newton: Korean cool yields influence in Asia now through an uncanny uncanny mix of confidence and style and a production formula that can't be easily explained or to the dismay dismay of many Asians, easily duplicated duplicated outside South Korea.

Paula Newton, CNN, Paju, South Korea.

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