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 Smart phones connecting rural India 

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SUMNIMA UDAS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: In a nondescript nondescript village of 20,000 people, this cellphone tower stands out stands out a symbol of development where most other forms of infrastructure are lacking. lacking.

This is a typical typical Indian village. There's only one source of water, most don't have toilets, but almost every single person here has a cellphone and some are even experimenting with smartphones.

Farmer Mahmoud Khan uses his smartphone to check onion prices. He says his profits have increased by 40 percent, because he now has access to agriculture data, data, so traders can no longer dupe dupe him.

It's a message cellphone service providers providers are taking to rural India. Empowerment Empowerment due to the internet, now accessible on smartphones.

BALVINDER SINGH, STUDENT (translated): "We live in remote remote villages, so we used to have to travel for hours to book a train ticket or to check exam results. Now, I do all of this on my phone."

SUMNIMA UDAS: Balvinder Singh never owned a landline telephone, desktop or a laptop, but she's leapfrogged to smartphones. It's a common story across rural India.

SANJEEV KAPOOR, CHAIRMAN, MICROMAX: In a country where technologies have hop skipped and jumped, there is no doubt that mobile telephony has played a very big and defining role in changing lives of people.

SUMNIMA UDAS: India's top cellphone manufacturer Micromax sells a device every 1.5 seconds. One of their best selling products is smartphone for about $30. Micromax says it's constantly innovating to cater to cater to small towns and villages.

SANJEEV KAPOOR: We were the first company to have thought of thought of a dual SIM phone. Similarly, Similarly, we went to a 30 day life of a battery, because we knew that was a big problem in most parts of the country.

SUMNIMA UDAS: Digital empowerment empowerment activists are now taking this technology village to village, demonstrating demonstrating how rural India can connect and take part take part in the country's larger growth story.

Only about 10 percent of India's 900 million plus mobile phone users currently own smartphones, but as devices get cheaper and data data more accessible, millions of feature phone users in small towns and villages are upgrading to smartphones, making this the fastest growing smartphone market in the world, bridging the gap between the two Indias.

Sumnima Udas, CNN, Rajasthan, India.

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