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 Young Muslims: ISIS doesn't represent us 

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MEHDI BEYAD, GRADUATE: Something like this was coming. It was bound to happen.

JINAN RAHMAN, GRADUATE: It's something that came very slowly and then all of a sudden escalated very dramatically. dramatically.

FATIMA SAID, University student: I would say to any Muslims who are thinking of thinking of joining ISIS, you know ISIS is not Islamic. If you look at their actions, they're actually harming Muslims, their biggest victims victims are Muslims, they're killing Muslims allover.

ISA SOARES, CNN CORRESPONDENT: These young British Muslims tell us ISIS does not represent represent them or their religion. Yet, according according to the UK Government, an estimated estimated 500 young Muslims from the UK are believed to be fighting alongside alongside the terror group in Syria and in Iraq.

FATIMA SAID, University student: I think a lot of these people see ISIS as a savior. They are pushed by political grievances. grievances. They see what's happening in their countries back home and they blame blame the West for their failed policies.

ISIS TERRORIST (RECORDED): This is the land of Jihad and the land of Hayat.

MEHDI BEYAD, GRADUATE: The main thing is a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. There's not much that you can really do, sitting here, when you see images in Iraq and Syria. A lot of people might go there just to help in a medical way, for example. Other people think the best thing to do is to go and fight. I can't imagine what would drive them to do that.

FATIMA SAID, University student: We see things like the air strikes now and I think a lot of them are, you know, ISIS appeals to appeals to them because they see them as a way of getting revenge revenge or their anger out.

JINAN RAHMAN, GRADUATE: I definitely do think that strikes will do damage. I think they will break already broken country, but I think leaving ISIS unchecked is a bigger threat. threat.

MEHDI BEYAD, GRADUATE: I think the air strikes might get rid of ISIS in a way, but I think because of think because of the destruction it will cause, something else will take its place.

ISA SOARES: But degrading degrading and destroying ISIS won't be easy. It's believed to be the most well funded terrorist organization in modern history and part of its funding comes from selling oil in the black in the black market, an estimated estimated 3 million dollars a day. Money that can help them attract even more fighters willing to die for die for their cause.

JINAN RAHMAN, GRADUATE: The establishment of a caliphate would be the worst case scenario. If people really bought into, I think more and more people who are starting to see that this is not a good idea.

MEHDI BEYAD, GRADUATE: Ideally, what would happen is the Iraqi government will stabilize itself and ideally, in Syria, what would happen is different coalitions coalitions will form together, Assad's rule would end.

JINAN RAHMAN, GRADUATE: There were children that already involved involved that see things that made to do things that are desensitized. I worry worry what happens when they grow up grow up because I don't think you can undo undo a damage that's been done there and I feel like they are going to continue in that belief when you are raised raised with that view from 5 years old. What is going to happen to happen to generations from now, you are going to continue that.

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