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 The Sensible Thing 

  • GRE/CAT/SSC Words : 54
    At the Great American Lunch Hour young George O'Kelly straightened his desk deliberately and with an assumed air of int...
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  • GRE/CAT/SSC Words : 71
    Jonquil Cary was her name, and to George O'Kelly nothing had ever looked so fresh and pale as her face when she saw him...
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  • GRE/CAT/SSC Words : 41
    In the heat of the next day the breaking-point came. They had each guessed the truth about the other, but of the two sh...
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  • GRE/CAT/SSC Words : 117
    On a damp afternoon in September of the following year a young man with his face burned to a deep copper glow got off a...
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