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Before you discuss the resolution, resolution, let let me place before you one or two things, I want you to understand two things very clearly and to consider consider them from the same point of view from which I am placing them before you. I ask you to consider consider it from my point of view, because if you approve approve of it, you will be enjoined to carry out carry out all I say. It will be a great responsibility. There are people who ask me whether I am the same man that I was in 1920, or whether there has been any change in me. You are right in asking that question.

Let Let me, however, hasten to assure assure that I am the same Gandhi as I was in 1920. I have not changed in any fundamental fundamental respect. I attach the same importance to nonviolence that I did then. If at all, my emphasis emphasis on it has grown stronger. There is no real contradiction between the present resolution resolution and my previous writings and utterances. utterances.

Occasions like the present do not occur occur in everybody's and but rarely rarely in anybody's life. I want you to know and feel that there is nothing but purest Ahimsa in all that I am saying and doing today. The draft resolution resolution of the Working Committee is based on based on Ahimsa, the contemplated contemplated struggle similarly similarly has its roots in Ahimsa. If, therefore, there is any among you who has lost faith in Ahimsa or is wearied wearied of it, let let him not vote for this resolution. resolution.

Let Let me explain my position clearly. God has vouchsafed vouchsafed to me a priceless gift in the weapon of Ahimsa. I and my Ahimsa are on our trail trail today. If in the present crisis, when the earth is being scorched scorched by the flames of Hims2 and crying for deliverance, I failed to make use of the God given talent, God will not forgive me and I shall be judged unwrongly of the great gift. I must act now. I may not hesitate hesitate and merely merely look on look on when Russia and China are threatened.

Ours is not a drive for power, but purely a nonviolent fight for India's independence. In a violent struggle, a successful general has been often often known to effect effect a military coup coup and to set up a dictatorship. But under the Congress scheme of things, essentially essentially nonviolent as it is, there can be no room for dictatorship. A non violent soldier of freedom will covet covet nothing for himself, he fights only for the freedom of his country. The Congress is unconcerned as to who will rule, when freedom is attained. The power, when it comes, will belong to belong to the people of India, and it will be for them to decide to whom it placed in the entrusted. May be that the reins reins will be placed in the hands of the Parsis, for instance instance as I would love to see happen or they may be handed to some others whose names are not heard in the Congress today. It will not be for you then to object saying, "This community is microscopic. That party did not play its due part in the freedom's struggle; why should it have all the power?" Ever since its inception inception the Congress has kept itself meticulously meticulously free of the communal taint. taint. It has thought always in terms of the whole whole nation and has acted accordingly... I know how imperfect our Ahimsa is and how far away we are still from the ideal, but in Ahimsa there is no final failure or defeat. defeat. I have faith, therefore, that if, in spite spite of our shortcomings, the big thing does happen, it will be because God wanted to help us by crowning with success our silent, unremitting unremitting Sadhana1 for the last twenty two years.

I believe that in believe that in the history of the world, there has not been a more genuinely genuinely democratic struggle for freedom than ours. I read Carlyle's French Resolution Resolution while I was in prison, and Pandit Jawaharlal has told me something about the Russian revolution. revolution. But it is my conviction conviction that inasmuch inasmuch as these struggles were fought with the weapon of violence they failed to realize realize the democratic ideal. In the democracy which I have envisaged, envisaged, a democracy established established by nonviolence, there will be equal freedom for all. Everybody will be his own master. It is to join a struggle for such democracy that I invite you today. Once you realize realize this you will forget the differences between the Hindus and Muslims, and think of think of yourselves as Indians only, engaged in engaged in the common struggle for independence.

Then, there is the question of your attitude towards the British. I have noticed that there is hatred towards the British among the people. The people say they are disgusted disgusted with their behaviour. The people make no distinction distinction between British imperialism and the British people. To them, the two are one This hatred would even make them welcome the Japanese. It is most dangerous. It means means that they will exchange one slavery slavery for another. another. We must get rid of this feeling. Our quarrel quarrel is not with the British people, we fight their imperialism. The proposal for the withdrawal of British power did not come out of anger. It came to enable enable India to play its due part at the present critical critical juncture juncture It is not a happy position for a big country like India to be merely merely helping with money and material obtained obtained willy nilly from her while the United United Nations are conducting conducting the war. We cannot evoke evoke the true spirit of sacrifice sacrifice and velour, so long as we are not free. I know the British Government will not be able able to withhold withhold freedom from us, when we have made enough self sacrifice. sacrifice. We must, therefore, purge ourselves of hatred. Speaking for myself, I can say that I have never felt any hatred. As a matter of fact, I feel myself to be a greater friend of the British now than ever before. One reason is that they are today in distress. distress. My very friendship, therefore, demands that I should try to save them from their mistakes. As I view the situation, they are on the brink brink of an abyss. abyss. It, therefore, becomes my duty to warn them of their danger even though it may, for the time being for the time being anger them to the point of cutting off the friendly hand that is stretched stretched out to help them. People may laugh, nevertheless nevertheless that is my claim. claim. At a time when I may have to launch the biggest struggle of my life, I may not harbour hatred against anybody.

Part 2"

I congratulate you on the resolution resolution that you have just passed. I also congratulate the three comrades on the courage they have shown in pressing their amendments amendments to a division, even though they knew that there was an overwhelming overwhelming majority in favour favour of the resolution, resolution, and I congratulate the thirteen friends who voted against the resolution. resolution. In doing so, they had nothing to be ashamed ashamed of. For the last twenty years we have tried to learn not to lose courage even when we are in a hopeless minority and are laughed at. We have learned learned to hold on to our beliefs in the confidence that we are in the right. It behaves us to cultivate cultivate this courage of conviction, conviction, for it ennobles man and raises raises his moral stature.

I was, therefore, glad glad to see that these friends had imbibed imbibed the principle which I have tried to follow for the last fifty years and more.

Having congratulated them on their courage, let let me say that what they asked this Committee to accept through their amendments amendments was not the correct representation representation of the situation. These friends ought to have pondered pondered over the appeal made to appeal made to them by the Maulana to withdraw their amendments; amendments; they should have carefully followed the explanations given by Jawaharlal. Had they done so, it would have been clear to them that the right which they now want the Congress to concede concede has already been conceded conceded by the Congress.

Time was when every Mussalman claimed claimed the whole whole of India as his motherland. During the years that the Ali brothers were with me, the assumption underlying all their talks and discussions was that India belonged belonged as much to the Mussalmans as to the Hindus. I can testify to the fact that this was their innermost conviction conviction and nor a mask; I lived with lived with them for years. I spent days and nights in their company. And I make bold to say that their utterances utterances were the honest expression of their beliefs. I know there are some who say that I take things too readily at their face value, that I am gullible. gullible. I do not think I am such a simpleton, nor am I so gullible gullible as these friends take me to be. But their criticism does not hurt me. I should prefer to be considered considered gullible gullible rather rather deceitful.

What these Communist friends proposed through their amendments amendments is nothing new. It has been repeated from thousands of platforms. Thousands of Mussalmans have told me, that if Hindu Muslim question was to be solved satisfactorily, it must be done in done in my lifetime. I should feel flattered at this; but how can I agree to proposal which does not appeal to appeal to my reason? Hindu Muslim unity is not a new thing. Millions of Hindus and Mussalmans have sought sought after it. I consciously strove for its achievement from my boyhood. While at school, I made it a point to cultivate cultivate the friendship of Muslims and Parsi co students. I believed even at that tender tender age that the Hindus in India, if they wished to live in peace and amity with the other communities, should assiduously assiduously cultivate cultivate the virtue virtue of neighbourliness. It did not matter, I felt, if I made no special effort effort to cultivate cultivate the friendship with Hindus, but I must make friends with at least a few Mussalmans. It was as counsel for a Mussalmans merchant that I went to South Africa. I made friends with other Mussalmans there, even with the opponents opponents of my client, and gained a reputation for integrity and good faith. I had among my friends and co workers Muslims as well as Parsis. I captured their hearts and when I left finally for India, I left them sad and shedding shedding tears of grief grief at the separation.

In India too I continued my efforts efforts and left no stone unturned left no stone unturned to achieve that unity. It was my life long aspiration for long aspiration for it that made me offer my fullest co operation to the Mussalmans in the Khilafat movement. Muslims throughout the country accepted me as their true friend.

How then is it that I have now come to be regarded regarded as so evil evil and detestable? detestable? Had I any axe to grind axe to grind in supporting the Khilafat movement? True, I did in did in my heart of hearts cherish cherish a hope that it might enable enable me to save the cow. I am a worshipper worshipper of the cow. I believe the cow and myself to be the creation of the same God, and I am prepared to sacrifice sacrifice my life in order to save the cow. But, whatever my philosophy of life and my ultimate ultimate hopes, I joined the movement in no spirit of bargain. bargain. I co operated in the struggle for the Khilafat solely on order to discharge my obligation obligation to my neighbour who, I saw, was in distress. distress. The Ali brothers, had they been alive today, would have testified to the truth of this assertion. And so would many others bear me out bear me out in that it was not a bargain bargain on my part for saving the cow. The cow like the Khilafat. Stood on her own merits. As an honest man, a true neighbour and a faithful friend, it was incumbent incumbent on me to stand by stand by the Mussalmans in the hour of their trial.

In those days, I shocked the Hindus by dinning time they have now got used to it. Maulana Bari told me, however, that through he would not allow me dine with him, lest some day he should be accused accused of a sinister sinister motive. And so, whenever I had occasion to stay with him, he called a Brahmana cook and made social arrangements arrangements for separate cooking. Firangi ,Mahal, his residence, was an old styled structure with limited accommodation; accommodation; yet he cheerfully cheerfully bore bore all hardships hardships and carried out carried out his resolve resolve from which I could not dislodge dislodge him. It was the spirit of courtesy, dignity and nobility that inspired us in those days. They respected one another's religious feelings, and considered considered it a privilege privilege to do so. Not a trace of suspicion lurked lurked in anybody's heart. Where has all that dignity, that nobility of spirit, disappeared now? I should ask all Mussalmans, including including Quaid I Azam Jinnah, to recall recall those glorious glorious days and to find out find out what has brought us to the present impasse. impasse. Quaid i Azam Jinnah himself was at one time a Congressman. If today the Congress has incurred incurred his wrath, wrath, it is because the canker canker of suspicion has entered his heart. May God bless him with long life, but when I am gone, he will realize realize and admit that I had no designs on Mussalmans and that I had never betrayed betrayed their interests. Where is the escape for me, if I injure their cause or betray betray their interests? My life is entirely entirely at their disposal. They are free to put an end to it, whenever they wish to do so. Assaults Assaults have been made on my life in the past, but God has spared spared me till now, and the assailants have repented repented for their action. But if someone were to shoot me in the belief that he was getting rid of a rascal, he would kill not the real Gandhi, but the one that appeared appeared to him a rascal.

To those who have been indulging in indulging in a campaign of a abuse abuse and vilification vilification I would say, "Islam enjoins you not to revile even an enemy. The Prophet treated even enemies with kindness and tried to win them over win them over by his fairness and generosity. generosity. Are you followers of that Islam or of any other? If you are followers of the true Islam, does it behave you to distrust the words of one who makes a public declaration of his faith? You may take it from me that one day you will regret regret the fact that you distrusted and killed one who was a true and devoted friend of yours." It cuts me to the quick to see that the more I appeal appeal and the more the Maulana importunes, importunes, the more intense does the campaign of vilification vilification grow. To me, these abuses abuses are like bullets. They can kill me, even as a bullet can put an end to my life. You may kill me. That will not hurt me. But what of those who indulge in indulge in abusing? abusing? They bring discredit discredit to Islam. For the fair name of Islam, I appeal to appeal to you to resist this unceasing campaign of abuse abuse and vilification. vilification.

Maulana Saheb is being made a target for the filthiest abuse. abuse. Why? Because he refuses refuses to exert exert on me the pressure of his friendship. He realizes realizes that it is a misuse of friendship to seek seek up to compel compel a friend to accept as truth what he knows is an untruth.

To the Quaid Azam I would say" Whatever is true and valid in the claim claim for Pakistan is already in your hands. What is wrong and untenable is in nobody's gift, so that it can be made over to you. Even if someone were to succeed in imposing imposing an untruth on others, he would not be able able to enjoy for long the fruits of such a coercion. coercion. God dislikes pride and keeps away keeps away from it. God would not tolerate tolerate a forcible imposition of an untruth.

The Quaid Azam says that he is compelled compelled to say bitter bitter things but that he cannot help giving expression to his thoughts and his feelings. Similarly Similarly I would say " "I consider consider myself a friend of Mussalmans. Why should I then not give expression to the things nearest to my heart, even at the cost of displeasing them? How can I conceal conceal my innermost thoughts from them? I should congratulate the Quaid i Azam on his frankness in giving expression to his thoughts and feelings, even if they sound bitter bitter to his hearers. But even so why should the Mussalmans sitting here be reviled, if they do not see eye to eye see eye to eye with him? If millions of Mussalmans are with you can you not afford afford to ignore the handful handful of Mussalmans who may appear appear to you to be misguided? Why should one with the following of several several millions be afraid afraid of a majority community, or of the minority being swamped by the majority? How did the Prophet work among the Arabs and the Mussalmans? How did he propagate propagate Islam? Did he say he would propagate propagate Islam only when he commanded a majority? I appeal to appeal to you for the sake sake of Islam to ponder ponder over what I say. There is neither fair play nor justice in saying that the Congress must accept a thing, even if it does not believe in believe in it and even if it goes counter to principles it holds dear.

Rajaji said""I do not believe in believe in Pakistan. But Mussalmans ask for ask for it, Mr. Jinnah asks for asks for it, and it has become an obsession obsession with them. Why not then say, "yes" to them just now? The same Mr. Jinnah will later later on realize realize the disadvantages of Pakistan and will forgo forgo the demand." I said " "It is not fair to accept as true a thing which I hold to hold to be untrue, and ask others to do say in do say in the belief that the demand will not be pressed when the time comes for settling in settling in finally. If I hold the demand to be just, I should concede concede it this very day. I should not agree to it merely merely in order to placate placate Jinnah Saheb. Many friends have come and asked me to agree to it for the time being for the time being to placate placate Mr. Jinnah, disarm his suspicious suspicious and to see how he reacts to it. But I cannot be party to a course of action with a false promise. At any rate, it is not my method."

The Congress as no sanction sanction but the moral one for enforcing enforcing its decisions. It believes that true democracy can only be the outcome of non violence. The structure of a world federation can be raised raised only on a foundation of non violence, and violence will have to be totally abjured abjured from world affairs. If this is true, the solution of Hindu Muslim question, too, cannot be achieved by a resort to resort to violence. If the Hindus tyrannize over the Mussalmans, with what face will they talk of a world federation? It is for the same reason that I do not believe in believe in the possibility of establishing establishing world peace through violence as the English and American statesmen propose to do. The Congress has agreed to submitting all the differences to an impartial impartial international tribunal and to abide abide by its decisions. If even this fairest of proposals is unacceptable, the only course that remains remains open is that of the sword, of violence. How can I persuade persuade myself to agree to an impossibility? To demand the vivisection vivisection of a living organism is to ask for ask for its very life. It is a call to war. The Congress cannot be party to such a fratricidal war. Those Hindus who, like Dr. Moonje and Shri Savarkar, believe in believe in the doctrine doctrine of the sword may seek seek to keep the Mussalmans under Hindus domination. domination. I do not represent represent that section. I represent represent the Congress. You want to kill the Congress which is the goose that lays golden eggs. If you distrust the Congress, you may rest assured assured that there is to be perpetual perpetual war between the Hindus and the Mussalmans, and the country will be doomed to continue warfare and bloodshed. If such warfare is to be our lot, I shall not live to witness witness it.

It is for that reason that I say to Jinnah Saheb, "You may take it from me that whatever in your demand for Pakistan accords accords with considerations considerations of justice and equity is lying in your pocket; whatever in the demand is contrary contrary to justice and equity you can take only by the sword and in no other manner."

There is much in my heart that I would like to pour out pour out before this assembly. One thing which was uppermost in my heart I have already dealt with. You may take it from me that it is with me a matter of life and death. If we Hindus and Mussalmans mean mean to achieve a heart unity, without the slightest mental reservation on the part of either, we must first unite unite in the effort effort to be free from the shackles shackles of this empire. If Pakistan after all is to be a portion of India, what objection can there be for Mussalmans against joining this struggle for India's freedom? The Hindus and Mussalmans must, therefore, unite unite in the first instance instance on the issue of fighting for freedom. Jinnah Saheb thinks the war will last long. I do not agree with agree with him. If the war goes on for six months more, how shall we able able to save China?

I, therefore, want freedom immediately, this very night, before dawn, if it can be had. Freedom cannot now wait for the realization realization of communal unity. If that unity is not achieved, sacrifices sacrifices necessary necessary for it will have to be much greater than would have otherwise sufficed. sufficed. But the Congress must win freedom or be wiped out wiped out in the effort. effort. And forget not that the freedom which the Congress is struggling to achieve will not be for the Congressmen alone but for all the forty cores of the Indian people. Congressmen must for ever remain remain humble humble servants of the people.

The Quaid i Azam has said that the Muslim League is prepared to take over take over the rule from the Britishers if they are prepared to hand it over hand it over to the Muslim League, for the British took over took over the empire from the hands of the Muslims. This, however, will be Muslim Raj. The offer made by Maulana Saheb and by me does not imply imply establishment of Muslim Raj or Muslim domination. domination. The Congress does not believe in believe in the domination domination of any group or any community. It believes in believes in democracy which includes includes in its orpit Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Parsis, Jews every one of the communities inhabiting inhabiting this vast vast country. If Muslim Raj is invetable, then let let it be; but how can we give it the stamp of our assent? assent? How can we agree to the domination domination of one community over the others?

Millions of Mussalmans in this country come from Hindu stock. How can their homeland be any other than India? My eldest son embraced embraced Islam some years back. What would his homeland be Porbandar or the Punjab? I ask the Mussalmans" "If India is not your homeland, what other country do you belong to belong to In what separate homeland would you put my son who embraced embraced Islam?" His mother wrote him a letter after his conversion, asking him if he had on embracing embracing Islam given up drinking which Islam forbids forbids to its follower. To those who gloated over the conversion, she wrote to say" "I do not mind his becoming a Mussalmans, so much as his drinking. Will you, as pious pious Mussalmans, tolerate tolerate his drinking even after his conversion? He has reduced reduced himself to the state of a rake rake by drinking. If you are going to make a man of him again, his conversion will have been turned to good account. You will, therefore, please please see that he as a Mussalman abjures abjures wine and woman. If that change does not come about come about his conversion goes in vain vain and our non co operation with him will have to continue."

India is without doubt the homeland of all the Mussalmans inhabiting inhabiting this country. Every Mussalman should therefore co operate in the fight for India's freedom. The Congress does not belong to belong to any one class or community; it belongs to belongs to the whole whole nation. It is open to Mussalmans to take possession possession of the Congress. They can, if they like, swamp the Congress by their numbers, and can steer steer it along the course which appeals to appeals to them. The Congress is fighting not on behalf of the Hindu but on behalf of the whole whole nation, including including the minorities. It would hurt me to hear of hear of a single instance instance of a Mussalman being killed by a Congressman. In the coming revolution, revolution, Congressmen will sacrifice sacrifice their lives in order to protect protect the Mussalman against a Hindu's attack and vice versa vice versa It is a part of their creed, creed, and is one of the essentials of non violence. You will be excepted excepted on occasions like these not to lose your heads. Every Congressman, whether a Hindu or a Mussalman, owes owes this duty to the organization to which will render render a service to Islam. Mutual trust is essential essential for success in the final nation wide struggle that is to come.

I have said that much greater sacrifice sacrifice will have to be made this time in the wake of our struggle because of the opposition from the Muslim League and from Englishmen. You have seen the secret circular issued by Sir Frederick Puckle. It is a suicidal course that he has taken. It contains contains an open incitement incitement to organizations which crop up like mushrooms to combine to fight the Congress. We have thus to deal with deal with an empire whose ways are crooked. Ours is a straight path which we can tread tread even with our eyes closed. That is the beauty of Satyagraha.

In Satyagraha, there is no place for fraud or falsehood, or any kind of untruth. Fraud and untruth today are stalking the world. I cannot be a helpless witness witness to such a situation. I have traveled all over India as perhaps perhaps nobody in the present age has. The voiceless millions of the land saw in me their friend and representative, representative, and I identified myself with identified myself with them to an extent extent it was possible for a human being to do. I saw trust in their eyes, which I now want to turn to good account in fighting this empire upheld upheld on untruth and violence. However gigantic gigantic the preparations that the empire has made, we must get out of its clutches. clutches. How can I remain remain silent at this supreme hour and hide hide my light under the bushel? Shall I ask the Japanese to tarry awhile? awhile? If today I sit quite quite and inactive, God will take me to task for not using up using up the treasure He had given me in given me in the midst midst of the conflagration conflagration that is enveloping the whole whole world. Had the condition been different, I should have asked you to wait yet awhile. awhile. But the situation now has become intolerable, intolerable, and the Congress has no other course left for it.

Nevertheless, Nevertheless, the actual actual struggle does not commence commence this moment. You have only placed all your powers in my hands. I will now wait upon the Viceroy and plead plead with him for the acceptance of the Congress demand. That process is likely to take two or three weeks. What would you do in do in the meanwhile? meanwhile? What is the programme, for the interval, in which all can participate? As you know, the spinning wheel is the first thing that occurs to occurs to me. I made the same answer to the Maulana. He would have none of it, though he understood its import later. later. The fourteen fold fold constructive constructive programme is, of course, there for you to carry out carry out What more should you do? I will tell you. Every one of you should, from this moment onwards, consider consider yourself a free man or woman, and acts as acts as if you are free and are no longer under the heel of this imperialism.

It is not a make believe that I am suggesting to you. It is the very essence essence of freedom. The bond of the slave slave is snapped the moment he consider consider himself to be a free being. He will plainly tell the master" "I was your bond slave slave till this moment, but I am a slave slave no longer. You may kill me if you like, but if you keep me alive, I wish to tell you that if you release me from the bondage, bondage, of your own accord, accord, I will ask for ask for nothing more from you. You used to feed and cloth me, though I could have provided provided food and clothing for myself by my labour. I hitherto hitherto depended on you instead of on God, for food and raiment. But God has now inspired me with an urge urge for freedom and I am to day a free man, and will no longer depend on you."

You may take it from me that I am not going to strike a bargain bargain with the Viceroy for ministries and the like. I am not going to be satisfied with anything short of complete freedom. May be, he will propose the abolition of salt tax, the drink evil, evil, etc. But I will say, "Nothing less than freedom."

Here is a mantra, a short one, that I give you. You may imprint it on your hearts and let let every breath of yours give expression to it. The mantra is " 'Do or Die'. We shall either free India or die in the attempt; we shall not live to see the perpetuation perpetuation of our slavery. slavery. Every true Congressman or woman will join the struggle with an inflexible determination determination not to remain remain alive to see the country in bondage bondage and slavery. slavery. Let Let that be your pledge. pledge. Keep jails out Keep jails out of your consideration. consideration. If the Government keep me free, I will not put on the Government the strain of maintaining a large number of prisoners at a time, when it is in trouble. Let Let every man and woman live every moment of his or her life hereafter in the consciousness that he or she eats or lives for lives for achieving freedom and will die, if need be, to attain that goal. Take a pledge, pledge, with God and your own conscience as witness, witness, that you will no longer rest till freedom is achieved and will be prepared to lay down lay down your lives in the attempt to achieve it. He who loses his life will gain it; he who will seek seek to save it shall lose it. Freedom is not for the coward or the faint faint hearted.

A word to the journalists. I congratulate you on the support you have hitherto hitherto given to the national demand. I know the restrictions and handicaps under which you have to labour. But I would now ask you to snap the chains that bind you. It should be the proud privilege privilege of the newspapers to lead and set an example in laying down laying down one's life for freedom.

You have the pen which the Government can't suppress. suppress. I know you have large properties in the form of printing presses, etc., and you would be afraid afraid lest the Government should attach them. I do not ask you to invite an attachment of the printing press voluntarily. For myself, I would not suppress suppress my pen, even if the press was to be attached. As you know my press was attached in the past and returned later later on. But I do not ask from you that final sacrifice. sacrifice. I suggest a middle way. You should now wind up wind up your standing standing committee, and you may declare that you will give up the pen only when India has won her freedom. You may tell Sir Frederick Puckle that he can't except except from you a command performance, that his press notes are full of untruth, and that you will refuse refuse to publish them. You will openly declare that you are wholeheartedly with the Congress. If you do this, you will have changed the atmosphere before the fight actually begins.

From the Princes I ask with all respect due to them a very small thing. I am a well wisher of the Princes. I was born in a State. My grandfather refused refused to salute salute with his right hand any Prince other than his own. But he did not say to the Prince, as I fell he ought to have said, that even his own master could not compel compel him, his minister, to act against his conscience. I have eaten the Prince's salt and I would not be false to it. As a faithful servant, it is my duty to warn the Princes that if they will act while I am still alive, the Princes may come to occupy occupy an honourable place in free India. In Jawaharlal's scheme of free India, no privileges privileges or the privileged privileged classes have a place. Jawaharlal considers considers all property to be State owned. He wants planned economy. He wants to reconstruct India according according to plan. He likes to fly; I do not. I have kept a place for the Princes and the Zamindars1 in India that I envisage. envisage. I would ask the Princes in all humility humility to enjoy through renunciation. renunciation. The Princes may renounce renounce ownership over their properties and become their trustees in the true sense of the term. I visualize God in the assemblage of people. The Princes may say to their people " "You are the owners and masters of the State and we are your servants." I would ask the Princes to become servants of become servants of the people and render render to them an account of their own services. The empire too bestows bestows power on the Princes, but they should prefer to derive power from their own people; and if they want to indulge in indulge in some innocent pleasures, pleasures, they may seek seek to do so as servants of the people. I do not want the Princes to live as paupers. paupers. But I would ask them " "Do you want to remain remain slaves slaves for all time? Why should you, instead of paying homage homage to a foreign power, not accept the sovereignty of your own people?" You may write to the Political Department " "The people are now awake. How are we to withstand withstand an avalanche before which even the Large empire are crumbling? crumbling? We, therefore, shall belong to belong to the people from today onwards. We shall sink or swim with them." Believe me, there is nothing unconstitutional in the course I am suggesting. There are, so far as I know, no treaties treaties enabling enabling the empire to coerce coerce the Princes. The people of the States will also declare that though they are the Princes' subjects, subjects, they arepart of the Indian nation and that they will accept the leadership of the Princes, if the latter latter cast their lot with the people, the latter latter will meet death bravely and unflinchingly, but will not go back go back on their word.

Nothing, however, should be done secretly. This is an open rebellion. In this struggle secrecy is a sin. A free man would not engage in engage in a secret movement. It is likely that when you gain freedom you will have a C.I.D. of your own, in spite spite of my advice to the contrary. contrary. But in the present struggle, we have to work openly and to receive bullets on our chest, without taking to heels.

I have a word to say to Government servants also. They may not, if they like, resign their posts yet. The late Justice Ranade did not resign his post, but he openly declared that he belonged to belonged to the Congress. He said to the Government that though he was a judge, he was a Congressman and would openly attend the sessions of the Congress, but that at the same time he would not let let his political views warp his impartiality impartiality on the bench. He held Social Reform Reform Conference in the very Pandal1 of the Congress. I would ask all the Government servants to follow in the footsteps of Ranade and to declare their allegiance allegiance to the Congress as an answer to the secret circular issued by Sir Frederick Puckle.

This is all that I ask of you just now. I will now write to the Viceroy. You will be able able to read the correspondence correspondence not just now but when I publish it with the Viceroy's consent. consent. But you are free to aver aver that you support the demand to be put forth in my letter. A judge came to me and said " "We get secret circulars from high quarters. What are we to do?" I replied, "If I were in your place, I would ignore the circulars. You may openly say to the Government " 'I have received your secret circular. I am, however, with the Congress. Though I serve the Government for my livelihood, I am not going to obey these secret circulars or to employ underhand underhand methods,'"

Soldiers too are covered by the present programme. I do not ask them just now to resign their posts and to leave the army. The soldiers come to me, Jawaharlal and the Maulana and say " "We are wholly with you. We are tired of the Governmental tyranny." tyranny." To these soldiers I would say " You may say to the Government, "Our hearts are with the Congress. We are not going to leave our posts. We will serve you so long as we receive your salaries. We will obey your just orders, but will refuse refuse to fire on our own people."

To those who lack lack the courage to do this much I have nothing to say. They will go their own way. But if you can do this much, you may take it from me that the whole whole atmosphere will be electrified. Let Let the Government then shower bombs, if they like. But no power on earth will then be able able to keep you in keep you in bondage bondage any longer.

If the students want to join the struggle only to go back go back to their studies after a while, I would not invite them to it. For the present, however, till the time that I frame a programme for the struggle, I would ask the students to say to their professors " "We belong to belong to the Congress. Do you belong to belong to the Congress, or to the Government? If you belong to belong to the Congress, you need not vacate your posts. You will remain remain at your posts but teach us and lead us unto freedom." In all fights for freedom, the world over, the students have made very large contributions.

If in the interval that is left to left to us before the actual actual fight begins, you do even the little I have suggested to you, you will have changed the atmosphere and will have prepared the ground for the next step.

There is much I should et like to say. But my heart is heavy. I have already taken up taken up much of your time. I have yet to say a few words in English also. I thank you for the patience and attention with which you have listened to me even at this late hour. It is just what true soldiers would do. For the last twenty two years, I have controlled my speech and pen and have stored up my energy. He is a true Brahmachari who does not fritter fritter away his energy. He will, therefore, always control his speech. That has been my conscious effort effort all these years. But today the occasion has come when I had to unburden my heart before you. I have done so, even though it meant meant putting a strain on your patience; and I do not regret regret having done it. I have given you my message and through you I have delivered it to the whole whole of India.

Part 3"

I have taken such an inordinately inordinately long time over pouring out pouring out what was agitating agitating my soul, to those whom I had just now the privilege privilege of serving. I have been called their leader or, in the military language, their commander. But I do not look at my position in that light. I have no weapon but love to wield my authority over any one. I do sport a stick which you can break into break into bits without the slightest exertion. exertion. It is simply my staff with the help of which I walk. Such a cripple cripple is not elated, elated, when he has been called upon to bear bear the greatest burden. burden. You can share that burden burden only when I appear appear before you not as your commander but as a humble humble servant. And he who serves best is the chief among equals.

Therefore, I was bound to share with you such thoughts as were welling up in my breast and tell you, in as summary summary a manner as I can, what I expect you to do as the first step.

Let Let me tell you at the outset outset that the real struggle does not commence commence today. I have yet to go through much ceremonial ceremonial as I always do. The burden, burden, I confess, confess, would be almost unbearable. I have to continue to reason in those circles with whom I have lost my credit and who have no trust left in left in me. I know that in the course of the last few weeks I have forfeited forfeited my credit with a large number of friends, so much so, that they have begun to doubt not only my wisdom but even my honesty. Now I hold my wisdom is not such a treasure which I cannot afford afford to lose; but my honesty is a precious treasure to me and I can ill afford afford to lose it. I seem seem however to have lost it for the time being for the time being

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