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 Speech on Run for Unity 

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Everyone will repeat after me, when I say Sardar Patel, you will say Amar Rahein, Amar Rahein (Long Live Long Live). . . Sardar Patel, (Amar Rahein) Sardar Patel. (Amar Rahein)

All senior members of the cabinet who are present on the stage; respected Sushma Swaraj ji, Venkaiah Naidu ji, Ravi Shankar Ji, Lieutenant Governor of Delhi and all my young friends.

Today is an inspiring birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. A country which forgets its history, can never create a history and so to build up a vibrant vibrant nation, to build up a nation full of hopes and expectations, to build up a nation where youth can dream and live their future, we shall never forget our historical historical heritage heritage and it should never be divided on the ground of ideological differences. Men who have created history, Men who have dedicated dedicated their lives for lives for the nation are our heritage heritage who give our coming generation a reason for joy and enthusiasm.

Today is also the death anniversary of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Sardar Patel gave his life for the solidarity solidarity of our nation. Being a barrister, that too a successful barrister, he dedicated dedicated his loyalty loyalty in the feet of Gandhi and he shook the English regime regime by bringing farmers forward bringing farmers forward to join the fight of freedom. The English had already anticipated anticipated the fact that if the committed people from villages, if the farmers of this country will join freedom struggle, then there will none, including including the British which could confront confront that dedicated dedicated people of India.

Sometimes when we look at the story of Ramakrishna Paramhansa, we get a feeling that he was incomplete without Swami Vivekananda. Similarly, Similarly, when we look at Mahatma Gandhi we feel like he was incomplete without Sardar Patel. There was an unbreakable bond between them. The event of Dandi March gave a new dimension dimension to our freedom struggle which created an opportunity for the whole whole world to get a strong message through this event. On this occasion of Dandi March, Sardar Patel came out as the most successful organizer and as a worker Sardar Patel played a role which was unprecedented. unprecedented. In fact, Mahatma Gandhi had entrusted Sardar Patel with all the responsibilities of Dandi March and asked him to plan the campaign. We can now imagine the significant significant role of Sardar Patel alongside alongside Mahatma Gandhi in the freedom struggle. But unfortunately nation was not blessed for long with his presence after independence as he died early. But in that little time, he foiled foiled all ill intentions of then British Raj by his foresightedness, unique unique strategies and patriotism. British government wanted to break our nation into several several smaller pieces after independence and wanted that we kept fighting amongst ourselves and dying. This was what the intention of British was but Sardar Patel through his diplomacy, through his farsightedness, through his ability ability to make strategies and his strong determination determination integrated integrated more than 550 estates into one country. He gave respect to people who deserved deserved it. Those who needed to be handled handled with soft approach, approach, he responded responded with that tone and those who needed to be threatened to submission, he never hesitated, hesitated, he never held himself back held himself back or shied shied away from doing that. He proved his mettle. mettle. This great man, the way you are seeing our nation today, this has been a creation of Sardar Patel as he has unified this nation through his successful vision vision and India is never going to forget him.

Centuries ago Chanakya finds its place in our history as a man who unified many kings under one banner, he dreamed of dreamed of one nation and made that possible. After Chanakya, it was Sardar Patel who did this again and we are celebrating his birth anniversary today. But the irony irony is that the man who dedicated dedicated his life unifying this nation, the man who faced several several criticisms and oppositions in his political life, the man who passed all the hurdles and never deviated from his objective objective of fulfilling fulfilling his objective; objective; and that objective objective was unity of India. In the same country, 30 years back on his birth anniversary a very unfortunate incident took place in took place in India which threatened its unity. Our own people were killed. That incident was not just an injury on the heart specific community but was an attack with a knife, a dagger on the heart of 1000 years old great establishment, it was highly condemnable condemnable incident. This is very unfortunate that this incident happened on the day when this great man was born. Sardar Patel gave us one India and for its unity it is our responsibility to make it "The Great India" with more awareness awareness and responsibility. We have this dream to make "One India, Great India". To make this dream come true we have the strength of our inheritance inheritance i.e. unity in diversity. diversity. In that diversity, diversity, we need to move and think above racism, linguistic differences, communalism and there cannot be a better occasion than this anniversary which will give us the motivation for the coming days.

Today our young people are participating in "Run for Unity" throughout India. I think this is an effort effort to keep this mantra of unity forever. forever. Our scriptures scriptures suggests "Rashtrayam Jagrayam Vayam. . ." means means we should be awake all the time; if we have to make our dreams come true, we should keep on thinking about our dreams and work accordingly to accomplish accomplish them. India is full of diversity diversity of various various kinds. Our specialty is unity in diversity. diversity. We have never supported uniformity. uniformity. We are full of diversity. diversity. There is a huge difference between a bouquet made of a similar similar flowers and the one with different varieties. India is full of such specialities, to make these specialities flourish flourish we need keep the spirit of unity alive. This is our task to maintain and strengthen this bond of oneness amongst us and this is the message of solidarity solidarity we have to follow.

States Many, Nation one

Creeds Creeds Many, Target one

Dialects Dialects Many, Voice one

Languages Many, Expressions one

Colors Many, Flag one

Societies Many, India one

Customs Customs Many, Culture one

Livelihood Many, Resolution Resolution one

Paths Many, Destination one

Faces Many, Smile one

This is the mantra of solidarity solidarity which nation should follow and move ahead. ahead.

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