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 How to escape educations death valley - III 

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I moved to America 12 years ago with my wife Terry and our two kids. Actually, truthfully, we moved to Los Angeles (Laughter) thinking we were moving to America, but anyway, it's a short plane ride from Los Angeles to America.

I got here 12 years ago, and when I got here, I was told various various things, like, "Americans don't get irony."Have you come across this idea? It's not true. I've traveled the whole whole length and breadth of this country. I have found no evidence evidence that Americans don't get irony. irony. It's one of those cultural myths, myths, like, "The British are reserved." reserved." I don't know why people think this. We've invaded invaded every country we've encountered. Laughter) But it's not true Americans don't get irony, irony, but I just want you to know that that's what people are saying about you behind your back behind your back You know, so when you leave living rooms in Europe, people say, thankfully, thankfully, nobody was ironic ironic in your presence.

But I knew that Americans get irony irony when I came across that legislation No Child Left Behind Left Behind Because whoever thought of thought of that title gets irony, irony, don't they, because (Laughter) (Applause) because it's leaving millions of children behind. behind. Now I can see that's not a very attractive name for name for legislation: Millions of Children Left Behind Left Behind I can see that. What's the plan? Well, we propose to leave millions of children behind, behind, and here's how it's going to work.

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