English Grammar - Usage of Articles with Names of People

No Article with People Names:

As a general rule, we don’t use any article with people's names.


        Da Vinci is a great painter.

        Mary is an amazing writer.


          Image : Dominikmatus

However, there are a few exceptions to the rule.

Exception 1 - “A Mr. Ram”:

In case we don't know the person ourselves, we can use a/an before a person's name.

       a Mr./Miss/Mrs./Dr Name


X:  There's a Mr Ram waiting to meet you. (= I don’t know him before)            

      Would you like to meet him?

Y:  Mr Ram is here to meet you. (= I know Mr Ram)


         Image: TownePost Network

Exception 2 : “A Sachin”

‘A/an’ can be used before a popular name to say that someone else has the excellent skillset of the popular person named:

        James plays cricket exceptionally well. He is a Sachin.

        Tom is an Einstein. ( = Tom is an exceptional scientist 


         Image: Umair

Note: However, it's not madatory to use article before the name. We can can convey the same by not using any article before it.

        Tom is Einstein.


Exception 3 - ‘a Picasso’:

We can use a/an to refer to a painting by a famous artist.

        'a Picasso'     =   'a painting by Picasso'

        ‘a Van Gogh’ =   'a painting by Van Gogh'



Exception 4 - “the Browns”

"The" can be used with plural family names to refer to the entire family as a group.

      The Browns visited India last year.

      The Robinsons live near my house.


         Image: pixabay

Exception 5 - “the President”

When only title is used to refer to people, we use definite article 'the' before it.

     We met the Queen.  

     We saw the President.

However, when titles are combined with names, we shouldn't use any article before it.


     Prince Charles is Queen Elizabeth's son.   ( not 'the Prince Charles' )

     President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. ( not 'the President Kennedy' )


      Image: Keivan


Mr Stephen/Doctor Sara/Captain Jimmy/Uncle Bobby/Aunt Jolie/Saint Paul

We don't use any article before the above mentioned names as they have titles along with them.


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